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Did she REALLY say that??  

It's true. How your phone is answered is key to converting more leads. Do you know how your phone is being answered? 

GOOD NEWS. We're going to give your law firm a FREE "Secret Shopper" call, using time-tested questions to evaluate your intake staff's performance (without them knowing) and give you a "report card" to let you know where you need to improve.


Secret Shopper Mark Bonjean here. I want to warn you. You are about to have your mind blown! Our Secret Shopper program is the most eye-opening tool we have for law firms today. While you're busy lawyering, there's got to be a way to keep an eye on critical operations such as how your Director of First Impressions is impacting lead conversion. Our Secret Shopper service is perfect for the job. When I call you with the results, you may wonder, "Do I really know what's happening in my law firm?" Looking forward to talking with you.


P.S. We want to show you how we can help double your new clients without buying more leads---intake is the key!.

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