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Ignite 2018 with these Three Proven Growth Strategies and create a record year for your practice

Michael Veinbergs, CEO, Local Marketing Geeks will teach you how to implement three strategies that are critical to your firm's growth in 2018 and beyond:

  • BRAND EQUITY What is it and how to optimize your brand equity across social media platforms, blog, website and other online media such as chat, landing pages, ads, etc.  
  • SEO Demystified! Understand why SEO is an ongoing effort that encompasses more than just keywords and is mission-critical for growth
  • PPC & RETARGETING Learn how retargeting and PPC increase the efficiency of your ad spend by only paying for ads that reach their goals  

Each of these strategies can perform magnificently on their own merits. Michael will explain the powerhouse they become when all three are used together! 

It's on-demand. Watch it whenever you'd like.

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Michael Veinbergs Rainmaker Institute

Presented by Michael Veinbergs, CEO, Local Marketing Geeks  

Michael is an online marketing expert, a well known speaker and the owner of Local Marketing Geeks, one of the premier online marketing agencies in the country, focused on helping attorneys to build their practice. He is a UCSD graduate and a 28 year sales and marketing veteran. He started his first marketing agency in 2009, offering web development, SEO, PPC reputation marketing and more. Michael lives in Temecula, CA with his 11 year old son.